Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Baby P's First 5k

This weekend I ran a 5k in back in my hometown. Leading up to this event I've been running 2-3 times a week and getting in 30 minutes to 3 miles. In the past two weeks the tempertures have been rising so my runs have turned more into a walk/jog. I have a feeling this will be my last week running outside and inside the gym I will go to swim and do the ellipitical.

I've noticed a lot of changes while running when prego. First off its ALL about listening to your body and doing what you can do. I read blogs of other women who still S/B/R all week long and others running half marathons. Of course I thought I would be able to do that as well but things change and I've really come to an acceptance of how much I really can do. In my first trimester I became very sick and could not exercise for three weeks. When I started to run again it felt like I haven't ran in a year. I went from marathon training at 8:00 pace to a 3 mile run at 10 min pace. I can swim up to 45 mins but with plenty of breaks between sets and on my own time (not at masters). Then I got sick again, during the beginning of my second trimester, with a 2 week exercise break. Getting back into it wasn't as bad this time.

The weather at the 5k was very warm and I was nervous I might have a lot of walking ahead of me. Due to the heat my HR was much higher that usual and I had to take it very easy. I finished in 36 mins which is a bit slower than my past runs. Afterward my hips tighten up very quickly and I had pain in my lower abs. My belly is just popping out so the running motion is causing it to pull up on those muscles. To help control the motion and hopefully allow me to continue running (or at least use the elliptical) I ordered a belly support band. It has yet to come in but I will post a pic modeling off the contraption.

8 days left til the ultrasound!


  1. Holla to pregnancy racing! Awesome job, and I'm thrilled the support band is working so well for you. (Your bump is adorable by the way.) Best wishes with the big ultrasound. Those really are teh best. :o)

  2. I definitely want to see a picture of that band. I've never heard of it. Listening to your body is so important, good job.

    8 more days - well, less now. I am SO excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. im glad you are listening to your body. :) i know how hard you work to be such a great athlete and it will all come back to you once you are running with a stroller and your baby. :)