Wednesday, May 26, 2010

18 Weeks and Counting

I think I popped but then in a few weeks I'll say that again. My pudge is a bit rounder and I feel like I am filling out the maternity shirts a bit more. I spent this last weekend in Las Vegas for a girls weekend. It was short and much needed (but now I need a nap from my vacation!). I was worried before I left that the headcold I had been dealing with may come back stronger with the dry air and allergies.

Luckily before I left I had a second appointment with the acupuncturist. I am definitely a fan. The appointments last about an hour and I had needles in my feet, forearms, collarbone, one in the back of my head, and a number in my face. It doesn't hurt at all, I barely feel it. The needles are to stimulate blood flow and release toxins. That definitely happened after my first appointment because afterward I met a friend for dinner and had to excuse myself for a major nose blow. The next day my nose was much more runny but the pressure in my head and face were gone. The second appointment seemed to just finish off the remaining bits. I could continue to go but I've decided to wait again until my sinus's flair up (which I sure they will).

On Monday I attended my second event hosted by Bump Club Chicago. This one was a dinner at Quarintino's,
a representative from Giggle was there to talk about registering, a rep from Stokke was there to talk about their high end strollers, and then there was a raffle. The event coordinator does an AWESOME job of getting companies to donate (advertise) items for the raffle and goodie bags. At this event everyone got to go home with an item which could be a Stokke Stroller ($1000), a Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair ($250), a Bumble Ride Stroller ($800), or a Mamaroo Bouncer (this is what I was eyeing). The drawing started with lower priced items and worked its way up. I wasn't called during the first half of the drawing so I knew I was going to get something nice! I ended up going home with this beautiful sling. I'm not gonna lie, I was nervous at first about it. There recently have been some infant deaths reported in news in which the baby suffocated in slings similar to this one. I do understand that slings may not be suitable for newborns but today on the bus a lady was using it to help support a toddler on her hip while she lifted her stroller onto the bus. Also the lady at Giggle told me to bring in the sling - pre or post baby and she will teach me how to properly use it!

In home news - the couch and dining room set have arrived!!! A Blinds consultant comes this weekend - things are coming together!

18 Week Appt with the Doc went well. HR was at 154. June 10th is the day we find out if its a Girl or Boy!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Easter Recap

I know, these are old but I draft this post a while ago and thought I should at least get some more pictures up!

Here's a recap from Easter and those pictures of Baby J I said I was going to post  

 Laura's a natural
Auntie Mal getting some practice
Papa Vern - sooo cute!!

The Easter Spread

Mal and Sara being goofy

My Favorite Easter Goodie

Monday, May 3, 2010

15 Weeks - Sinus Infection

Sorry no picture this time, not much has changed in the belly size department. Actually I've been a bit under the weather with a sinus infection. It started last week and through the weekend. The doctor recommended I take an antihistamine since it could be allergy related, so I did, and it did nothing. I've always struggled with sinus infections growing up, mostly due to literally running myself into the ground, and weakening my immune system. In the past year I thought things were finally turning around for me in that department as I wasn't getting as sick as I usually did. This also contributed to the fact that despite all the allergy and decongestant medications out there, I realized Nasonex was the best remedy for me. Well unfortunately when you're pregnant there is no Nasonex, no Claritin D, and no Mucinex. All weekend I resorted to the steam from the shower and the Nedi Pot. This provided some relief but I wasn't really feeling any better.

So to the internet I go for some digging. I checked out a few articles on the Baby Center website. There I found information about Acupuncture therapy during pregnancy and from there I checked out the website Of course both sites discussed sinus relief from acupuncture therapy and how it is helpful for pregnancy since there is a limit to medications. So what do I do first thing Monday morning?? Give Dr. G a call to see if its okay...and it is! Next I called an Acupuncturist both my parents have visited and recommended.  I call the office and first off asked if the therapist (not sure to call a therapist or a dr?) if they treat or have treated pregnant women. I asked this because the websites mention that certain pressure points provide sinus relief can also can induce labor...and we don't want that yet! I was notified the therapist does treat and currently treats pregnant women. So my consultation is tomorrow to determine if the therapy will provide the relief I am looking for and if so I get to have my first session the same day. Hopefully all goes well!!

A few good things to note - we got our bedroom furniture and can continue to unpack the remaining clothes boxes. Word on the street is our couch and dining room furniture will be delivered by mid-may - cross your fingers!