Friday, July 23, 2010

Unsolicited Pregnancy Advice

Yesterday I was at McDonalds. I had a later appointment, some time to kill, and Micky D's was the closets place with a bathroom. As soon as I'm in line an older man moves closer to me then says "Have you read the book What Not to Eat While Expecting"? He continues to tell me all the names of the chemicals in food preservatives and dyes. He said it will give me and my baby cancer. Thanks dude! But I have a reply, I tell him I'm pretty sure I got a dose of radiation from the subway, stood in front of a microwave this morning, and tell him its a bit late now to watch what I eat. He continues his little rant then I get to order "Bottled water, please" - really that's all I wanted.
"Order #203, Big mac and large fry". The preacher goes to get his food.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Skinny and not so Skinny - 26 Weeks

Here's a bit of a catch-up on what's been going on the past few weeks. Over the Fourth of July weekend hubby and I went up to my parents cottage on Walloon Lake in Michigan.

Last year on July 4th I had Coach G telling me to do a 90 mile bike ride with a 4 mile run off. I did this in the hills of Michigan between Boyne City and East Jordan. What a difference a year makes - I now have a new coach - my birth coach.

Hubs and I met with Coach H this weekend. She is a certified Doula who will assist us with the birth of Baby P. A Doula helps us through the birth to postnatal care. Although she is certified, she does not take place of the doctor, but is there to help me follow the birth plan and make informed decisions. Obviously, this being our first, hubs and I are clueless on what will or could happen but having Coach H there will bring us peace of mind and make the process a better experience(hopefully!!).

I had an appointment this morning, I've gained 5 pounds since last time which is a total of 18 lbs so far. I also learned that as of last Friday I now weigh more that 95% of the riders currently participating in the Tour de France.

Things I'd Never Thought  I'd Do When Preggo

1. Stop Running - I had stopped around 20 weeks and although I miss it, I'm coping. Its really too hot to run outside and I can't force myself to run on a treadmil

2. Wear a Bikini - Yes on 4th of July I wore a Bandu Bikini, not sure if there will be a repeat showing next time I'm at the lake

3. Wear Skinny Jeans - Yes, I bought a pair of skinny maternity jeans from Gap. I don't even own a normal pair so what would make me want some now? Well at a certain point in pregnancy you start loving your legs - Why? Because they now have become the smallest part of your body, or at least they appear smaller since my tummy is HUGE!

4. Not able to wear ANY of my shoes - this is two parts
A) In the summer I wear flip flops to work then slip on a pair I kept stored at my desk - Ok, I store about 10 pair here and none of them fit so I've been strolling my office in Rainbow flip-flops for quite a while now. I do plan to buy a new pair or two today.
B) I can't tie my own shoes thus I can't go work out at the gym unless hubby is home to tie my shoes for me before I leave

Here's two pictures - My 26 weeks belly shot and the Skinny Jeans (not  a fan of the picture, i feel stumpy)