Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 35 - Pictures!

Just a bunch of pictures......

35 Weeks - SideView
35 Weeks - Front View
Mama Court and Baby J at the Lake
Believe it or not there are 7 'people' in this picture!! The one in black had her baby girl 10 days after this was taken.
The cake topper from my shower. Some how they thought she is going to be a brunette like her dad

Thursday, September 16, 2010

6 Weeks to Go!!

It's been a while since I last updated the Prego Blog. Up til that point I have had quite an uneventful pregnancy which I am truly grateful for. I have now entered the last stage of...lets call it... DISCOMFORT so I don't scare all my friends who one day plan to have children of their own.

The issue with my back is not getting any better. I am still seeing the chiropractor twice a week and getting massages every other week. I expect to work up until I go into labor but if my back pain increases it may be the thing keeping me at home. I am really only comfortable laying down on my side. It mostly hurts when I am sitting which is what 99% of what my job requires. I try to stand, take short walks (loops around the cube farm), and sit reclined in my seat.

While on vacation I went through a rite of passage that seems to happen to a lot of pregos - I Broke a Toe! Yes, fell, went boom on my bum, and foot went into wall. I've broken a toe before and ran on it 3 days later. Its now been over a week and I am still very gimpy, just put on a tennis shoe for the first time last night since I was determined to work out, and have given up on wearing the boot and am back to flip flops. Having a broken toe when preggers is not fun, although I am grateful it was just my toe and not my foot.

We've finally settled on a name... but we're not telling. I did go to and order a monogrammed hat!

Fat feet, stiff hands..... Luckily I removed my rings in time. I haven't worn my engagement ring in months but was still wearing my wedding band. At 32 weeks the band had to go. I had a bit of a panic because I couldn't get it off. So I waited til I felt the least swollen, stuck my hand in ice water to help in shrinking the finger a bit more and was able to remove the band. I NEVER take off my wedding band thus was having these feelings of panic when I was washing my hands in a public place thinking the ring fell off. So I bought a $20 replacement. I bought it while on vacation and there were not many options. Its pretty ugly but oh well, I feel much better wearing it. The ring I bought was a size 7 and my band was a 5!

The nursery is coming along. The parents were in town this past week and Dad drove his truck so we could make a trip to Ikea. We've decided to put a sofa bed in the room so hubby can get some rest since Baby P will be sleeping in the Pack-N-Play for the first few months. We still can't paint due to issue out of my hands. The bedding has arrive so I am going to spend this weekend finally putting things away and getting it somewhat set up.

Sorry I don't have any pictures, I keep forgetting the memory card at home. I will try to remember (although my brain is oatmeal) and post some this weekend.