Wednesday, June 30, 2010

23 Weeks

Here are TWO belly pics. I've not been afraid to post a naked belly it just hadn't reached that point.... until now.

 Hubby says it looks like I'm pushing it out, trust me, that's the last thing I want - it looking bigger. I learned this week that Baby P is the size of a large mango and my uterus is the size of a soccer ball..... I'm pretty sure my belly looks bigger than a soccer ball. Either way back to why it looks like I'm pushing out the belly - notice how much my back curves. Yes, I have a shelf butt, always have, always will and that's why I've been going to a chiropractor these last couple of weeks. Not only do I have minor curvature in my lower spine but it causes my pelvis to rotate forward. I was like this before pregnancy and have attempted therapy to help correct the problem. Now with the added belly weight its tilting even more and putting more strain on my hamstrings, lower back, and hips.

So as I did with my previous ailment to Google I go. I researched chiropractic therapy for pregnancy. There are a number of great benefits of chiropractic therapy during pregnancy. Since our bodies are getting pulled every which way it helps bring our bodies closer to that original state and allows our bodies to grow a little more pain free. There are also benefits during early stages of labor - getting an adjustment during early labor stages can help put the hips into better position for birth. Luckily I had another prego friend recommend an office. So I had an assessment and learned that I can receive chiropractic and massage therapy - all covered by my insurance (i pay a $15 co-pay per visit). I did look into other prenatal massage but its expensive to go often so key reminder to pregos - its possible to get your massage covered by insurance.

Like I said, I've been going for a couple of weeks now and the pain in my lower back and hips is becoming more manageable. The massage is not a glorified lotion rub its what I expected from a trained massage therapist - mostly deep tissue incorporate with sports massage techniques. I still haven't been going to the gym as much as I would have liked but the temp is Chicago is pretty cool at the moments so I've been taking afternoon walks at work. I'm starting to hit the 3 o'clock slump thus taking a walk helps get the blood and brain juices flowin' so I can stay on task....otherwise I'd definitely be face down on my keyboard.

For those wondering - Yes that's a tattoo on my hip and its actually starting to stretch.....yikes!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

22 Weeks - The Registry

Is it fall yet...No Joke - I'm cooking here and its just starting to get over 90. Chicago gets HOT in the summer even with the wind - ick Hot Wind, creating HOT dust storms - its just gross. Beside that things are starting to heat up I'm progressing along quite well. Had an appointment today with Dr. G. Just a little check up and to discuss the ultrasound where everything was normal. Heartbeat is around 156 and Belly size is right where it should be. According to online sources Baby P weighs about a pound and from here on out gains 1/4 lb per week.

This weekend hubby and I decided to start our registry. I already had the stroller, car seat, and high chair picked out. Initially I didn't want a high chair because it'll take up too much space and not be used for the first few months. So we loaded into the car and drove out to a Babies R Us which is right on the city border, its stop and go the whole way - it was not a fun drive. Unfortunately I was highly disappointed when we arrived. All the items I planned to go view were all online orders only so not even demos were available. We did go around and scan some other needed baby items like a play mat, nursery items, and bath time fun.Warning to all moms - don't let dad run off with the gun - the next day I checked the registry online and hubby had scanned legos and anything with kitties on it.

Leaving in a disappointment we decided to check out baby row in Lincoln Park. Baby row is actually an area in LP that happens to have a number of baby stores in a quarter mile radius. The stores are Land of Nod, Bellini Baby, Baby Gap, Galt Baby, and Pottery Barn kids.  So we headed for the intersection of North/Sheffield/Clyborn streets. First we went to Land of Nod and although they carried the brand we were looking for they also did not stock it in store - they carried the very high end strollers. Next was Bellini - mostly I went there to get an idea of the cribs they carry.

Finally I got dragged we went to Galt Baby. Praise Baby Jesus for Galt Baby, not only did they carry the brand (PegPerego) in store but they have every single item I wanted and knowledgable staff to explain everything I needed to know. Also something important to know about Galt Baby - they will professionally install all car seats purchased and have an in-store service department which most store items receive free service for a year (might be 2).

Back to the high chair - at GB my first pick got trumped by the grand daddy of high chairs. Now first I must say I understand that even decent high chairs do not have to cost an arm. My goal of items we are selecting for our registry are to be multi use - our condo is not that big, meaning, I can't get a high chair, a Bumbo chair, and a needs to be one item that sufficiently has the purpose of those items.

Here comes this!!!! It starts as an infant high chair thru toddler, its got wheels so I can put Baby P in there, and move her around with me throughout the condo - to the bed room, nursery, even right outside the shower door. Here's the kicker - its also a swing!!! Thats right, it converts into a swing.... It is a very awesome item in my book but the price screams NO! So we'll have to research some other items and make a decision but for now its staying on the list.

Friday, June 18, 2010

21 Weeks and Counting

First off BIG NEWS - Its a Girl!!!! We had our midway point ultrasound last week and its was a very exciting experience. All I knew was the appointment would take around 30 mins and we would be able to find out the sex of the baby. What I didn't expect were the 150+ different types of measurements taken. It was breathtaking to sit there for 30 minutes and see our little baby girl - I wish I could have an ultrasound every week.

On the Workout Front
Well I'm done running. I thought the belly support band would help with the lower abdomen pain and provide some stability in my hips but unfortunately my body just wasn't made to run prego. The support band will come in handy for walks where I still get some pain and soreness but its not nearly as bad. I signed up for a new gym membership this week. Since the move we've canceled our other gym to switch to something a bit closer. I'm not a huge fan of the new gym since they pack all their cardio equipment into one small space and the weights area seems 'meaty'. Since I'm no longer in triathlon training mode I now workout with everyone else at peak times. Yesterday I went for the first time and did the elliptical for 20mins and the reclined bike for 20. The equipment was nice, the ventilation was not so nice.... and I totally blame the ventilation, not the fact I've gained 15 pounds, am slowly becoming out of shape, and refuse to wear anything less than a t-shirt!

What I've been eating
*kid cereal-Crispix, Coco Krispies(whole foods brand), and Frosted Flakes(whole foods brand)
*fruit - every night I have a fruit bowl before I go to bed - strawberries, blueberries, peaches, & apricots
*yogurt & pudding - Activia fruit yogurt and can't have enough tapioca pudding
*pancakes - especially the pancake delight from victory banner!!!
*pie - mostly apple but any seasonal fruit will due. i went through 2 a week my first trimester
*pulled pork - i dream daily of pulled pork sammies and baby back ribs

What used to be my staple foods
*oatmeal - mostly oatbran w/ pumpkin butter
*eggs - i loved restaurant omelets w/ feta and asparagus
*protein fruit smoothies
*my leafy greens - spinach & brocoli
*chocolate - which is a huge surprise i can't stand the stuff now

 The Sunburst Crew

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Baby P's First 5k

This weekend I ran a 5k in back in my hometown. Leading up to this event I've been running 2-3 times a week and getting in 30 minutes to 3 miles. In the past two weeks the tempertures have been rising so my runs have turned more into a walk/jog. I have a feeling this will be my last week running outside and inside the gym I will go to swim and do the ellipitical.

I've noticed a lot of changes while running when prego. First off its ALL about listening to your body and doing what you can do. I read blogs of other women who still S/B/R all week long and others running half marathons. Of course I thought I would be able to do that as well but things change and I've really come to an acceptance of how much I really can do. In my first trimester I became very sick and could not exercise for three weeks. When I started to run again it felt like I haven't ran in a year. I went from marathon training at 8:00 pace to a 3 mile run at 10 min pace. I can swim up to 45 mins but with plenty of breaks between sets and on my own time (not at masters). Then I got sick again, during the beginning of my second trimester, with a 2 week exercise break. Getting back into it wasn't as bad this time.

The weather at the 5k was very warm and I was nervous I might have a lot of walking ahead of me. Due to the heat my HR was much higher that usual and I had to take it very easy. I finished in 36 mins which is a bit slower than my past runs. Afterward my hips tighten up very quickly and I had pain in my lower abs. My belly is just popping out so the running motion is causing it to pull up on those muscles. To help control the motion and hopefully allow me to continue running (or at least use the elliptical) I ordered a belly support band. It has yet to come in but I will post a pic modeling off the contraption.

8 days left til the ultrasound!