Wednesday, June 23, 2010

22 Weeks - The Registry

Is it fall yet...No Joke - I'm cooking here and its just starting to get over 90. Chicago gets HOT in the summer even with the wind - ick Hot Wind, creating HOT dust storms - its just gross. Beside that things are starting to heat up I'm progressing along quite well. Had an appointment today with Dr. G. Just a little check up and to discuss the ultrasound where everything was normal. Heartbeat is around 156 and Belly size is right where it should be. According to online sources Baby P weighs about a pound and from here on out gains 1/4 lb per week.

This weekend hubby and I decided to start our registry. I already had the stroller, car seat, and high chair picked out. Initially I didn't want a high chair because it'll take up too much space and not be used for the first few months. So we loaded into the car and drove out to a Babies R Us which is right on the city border, its stop and go the whole way - it was not a fun drive. Unfortunately I was highly disappointed when we arrived. All the items I planned to go view were all online orders only so not even demos were available. We did go around and scan some other needed baby items like a play mat, nursery items, and bath time fun.Warning to all moms - don't let dad run off with the gun - the next day I checked the registry online and hubby had scanned legos and anything with kitties on it.

Leaving in a disappointment we decided to check out baby row in Lincoln Park. Baby row is actually an area in LP that happens to have a number of baby stores in a quarter mile radius. The stores are Land of Nod, Bellini Baby, Baby Gap, Galt Baby, and Pottery Barn kids.  So we headed for the intersection of North/Sheffield/Clyborn streets. First we went to Land of Nod and although they carried the brand we were looking for they also did not stock it in store - they carried the very high end strollers. Next was Bellini - mostly I went there to get an idea of the cribs they carry.

Finally I got dragged we went to Galt Baby. Praise Baby Jesus for Galt Baby, not only did they carry the brand (PegPerego) in store but they have every single item I wanted and knowledgable staff to explain everything I needed to know. Also something important to know about Galt Baby - they will professionally install all car seats purchased and have an in-store service department which most store items receive free service for a year (might be 2).

Back to the high chair - at GB my first pick got trumped by the grand daddy of high chairs. Now first I must say I understand that even decent high chairs do not have to cost an arm. My goal of items we are selecting for our registry are to be multi use - our condo is not that big, meaning, I can't get a high chair, a Bumbo chair, and a needs to be one item that sufficiently has the purpose of those items.

Here comes this!!!! It starts as an infant high chair thru toddler, its got wheels so I can put Baby P in there, and move her around with me throughout the condo - to the bed room, nursery, even right outside the shower door. Here's the kicker - its also a swing!!! Thats right, it converts into a swing.... It is a very awesome item in my book but the price screams NO! So we'll have to research some other items and make a decision but for now its staying on the list.

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