Friday, June 18, 2010

21 Weeks and Counting

First off BIG NEWS - Its a Girl!!!! We had our midway point ultrasound last week and its was a very exciting experience. All I knew was the appointment would take around 30 mins and we would be able to find out the sex of the baby. What I didn't expect were the 150+ different types of measurements taken. It was breathtaking to sit there for 30 minutes and see our little baby girl - I wish I could have an ultrasound every week.

On the Workout Front
Well I'm done running. I thought the belly support band would help with the lower abdomen pain and provide some stability in my hips but unfortunately my body just wasn't made to run prego. The support band will come in handy for walks where I still get some pain and soreness but its not nearly as bad. I signed up for a new gym membership this week. Since the move we've canceled our other gym to switch to something a bit closer. I'm not a huge fan of the new gym since they pack all their cardio equipment into one small space and the weights area seems 'meaty'. Since I'm no longer in triathlon training mode I now workout with everyone else at peak times. Yesterday I went for the first time and did the elliptical for 20mins and the reclined bike for 20. The equipment was nice, the ventilation was not so nice.... and I totally blame the ventilation, not the fact I've gained 15 pounds, am slowly becoming out of shape, and refuse to wear anything less than a t-shirt!

What I've been eating
*kid cereal-Crispix, Coco Krispies(whole foods brand), and Frosted Flakes(whole foods brand)
*fruit - every night I have a fruit bowl before I go to bed - strawberries, blueberries, peaches, & apricots
*yogurt & pudding - Activia fruit yogurt and can't have enough tapioca pudding
*pancakes - especially the pancake delight from victory banner!!!
*pie - mostly apple but any seasonal fruit will due. i went through 2 a week my first trimester
*pulled pork - i dream daily of pulled pork sammies and baby back ribs

What used to be my staple foods
*oatmeal - mostly oatbran w/ pumpkin butter
*eggs - i loved restaurant omelets w/ feta and asparagus
*protein fruit smoothies
*my leafy greens - spinach & brocoli
*chocolate - which is a huge surprise i can't stand the stuff now

 The Sunburst Crew

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  1. I can't believe you don't like chocolate anymore! Yeah for having girls and for ultrasounds. I thought all the measurements were crazy too. I stopped running and don't feel guilty about it. I walk and do the elliptical (and started swimming a little) and love all of it.