Friday, July 23, 2010

Unsolicited Pregnancy Advice

Yesterday I was at McDonalds. I had a later appointment, some time to kill, and Micky D's was the closets place with a bathroom. As soon as I'm in line an older man moves closer to me then says "Have you read the book What Not to Eat While Expecting"? He continues to tell me all the names of the chemicals in food preservatives and dyes. He said it will give me and my baby cancer. Thanks dude! But I have a reply, I tell him I'm pretty sure I got a dose of radiation from the subway, stood in front of a microwave this morning, and tell him its a bit late now to watch what I eat. He continues his little rant then I get to order "Bottled water, please" - really that's all I wanted.
"Order #203, Big mac and large fry". The preacher goes to get his food.


  1. Atleaste he didn't walk up to you and say, "Can I get some fries with that shake?"

  2. my favorites were Taco bell,taco salad with a DQ butterfinger blizzard, haven't had one for 20 years.... hum

  3. Love it! Wait until you get the questions from people about how many children you are having - loved when someone said to me - are you having triplets.