Monday, August 9, 2010

HELLO Week 29 - Third Trimester

This week we have completed through T2 and making our way along the final leg - The Third Trimester. Now, not to complain too much here but is anyone else aware that nausea returns the during the third trimester. Well I wasn't. Starting around week 26 through 27 I thought I was having very ill effects due to the heat. Everyday I got on the bus was worse, I even had to get off one time, grab water from 7-11, and just chill for a bit. I was convinced I was going to puke and pass out every morning. First I blamed the heat, then I blamed motion sickness and stopped reading while on the bus/train, then I was certain it was my blood pressure. Not yet ready to surrender and call the doc (with a week left until my next appt) I did my favorite google search "Pregnancy and...... third trimester nausea". BINGO! Due to increasing hormones and less room for the tummy nausea can return during the third trimester. I went back to wearing my seaband bracelets and everything if fine. Reading on the train still gets me a bit but the bracelets really help combat the nausea and I think it helps with my acid reflex too.


At my 28 week appointment I took my glucose test. Dr. G said it would taste like orange Fanta...never had the stuff so still not sure what I was in for. The office I go to has a rule that they do not give out "the drink" ahead of time-that's city living for you. They do this because you have to get your blood drawn exactly 1 hour after drinking and a lot of women ending being late because of a delayed train or traffic. So unless you have a really good excuse - bring a book. Ok, now back to my experience. I go in, tell them I'm there for a glucose test, girl brings me my drink. ..... It's red, Doc said orange, I like orange, not sure I can stomach red. Since I also had a scheduled appointment that day she showed me to a room, told me I had 5 minutes to drink it and to note the time once I finished. I am able to chug a little over half the drink when the other nurse comes in to take my blood pressure.
Nurse: "Oh you're taking the three hour test today?"
Me: "No, the one hour."
Nurse: "STOP! Who gave you that"...she goes into the hall "Who gave her this?"

She takes the red drink from me and explains that I was given the 100 bottle and not the 50 bottle. Luckily I was only able to get a little over half down. Thus Doc said that its ok, they will do the test and if it comes back normal thats double good since I drank extra. Guess what - I kicked that glucose test in the booty - NORMAL!!

I'll post some belly pics later this week. 

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  1. You're in the home stretch - congrats! I can't believe they gave you the wrong drink - rude! Least you passed. I hope your nausea gets better. I have really, really bad acid reflux too.