Friday, August 20, 2010

30 Weeks - Tennies and Tutus

My Hometown shower was this past weekend. Baby P got the most adorable outfits and lots of fun stuff for the nursery. I can tell she's excited sine she's really picked up the movement in my belly. I think I'm running out of room since her favorite place is to kick right into my ribs. I am experiencing a little back pain and sometimes heartburn during the night. Overall things are well - she was measuring right on target at the last appointment. Here's something else to mention - my due date is also a full moon!! I take that as a good thing - hopefully this means we might go into labor around the due date. I'm not looking forward going over my date because that increases my chances of possibly needing to be induced - so Yay for fullmoons!!

Here are some pictures from my shower. The theme was Tennies and Tutus - hosted my aunt and two close friends of my mom. I'm so blessed to have all the people who attended the shower in mine and soon to be Baby P's life.

The Cake
The Cake Topper
Me at 30 Weeks

The glasses wore Tutus
More Cute Decor!!

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  1. Adorable shower pics! I can't believe you're 10 weeks out! Yipee for full moons!