Monday, May 3, 2010

15 Weeks - Sinus Infection

Sorry no picture this time, not much has changed in the belly size department. Actually I've been a bit under the weather with a sinus infection. It started last week and through the weekend. The doctor recommended I take an antihistamine since it could be allergy related, so I did, and it did nothing. I've always struggled with sinus infections growing up, mostly due to literally running myself into the ground, and weakening my immune system. In the past year I thought things were finally turning around for me in that department as I wasn't getting as sick as I usually did. This also contributed to the fact that despite all the allergy and decongestant medications out there, I realized Nasonex was the best remedy for me. Well unfortunately when you're pregnant there is no Nasonex, no Claritin D, and no Mucinex. All weekend I resorted to the steam from the shower and the Nedi Pot. This provided some relief but I wasn't really feeling any better.

So to the internet I go for some digging. I checked out a few articles on the Baby Center website. There I found information about Acupuncture therapy during pregnancy and from there I checked out the website Of course both sites discussed sinus relief from acupuncture therapy and how it is helpful for pregnancy since there is a limit to medications. So what do I do first thing Monday morning?? Give Dr. G a call to see if its okay...and it is! Next I called an Acupuncturist both my parents have visited and recommended.  I call the office and first off asked if the therapist (not sure to call a therapist or a dr?) if they treat or have treated pregnant women. I asked this because the websites mention that certain pressure points provide sinus relief can also can induce labor...and we don't want that yet! I was notified the therapist does treat and currently treats pregnant women. So my consultation is tomorrow to determine if the therapy will provide the relief I am looking for and if so I get to have my first session the same day. Hopefully all goes well!!

A few good things to note - we got our bedroom furniture and can continue to unpack the remaining clothes boxes. Word on the street is our couch and dining room furniture will be delivered by mid-may - cross your fingers!

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  1. I hope the accupunture worked! I have heard the same thing about pressure points. :) Hope you're feeling better.