Friday, October 15, 2010

38 Weeks... Still Cookin'

Here's an update with how things are going. My appointment frequency has been set to weekly since week 35. I had my Group B Strep test which ended up as negative and an ultrasound! They said she's head down, hanging on the left side, and about 51/2 lbs which will estimate around 71/2 lbs at full term.  Then appointments at 36 & 37 weeks were pretty uneventful - she didn't even check me in fear of disappointing me that Baby P will not be here any time soon. My last appointment on Tuesday I finally had the breakdown.... I know I've mentioned the back pain I've been due to lack of space issues. Well its been getting worse and as Baby P moves down so does the pain. Chiropractor appointments and massage I think have helped control it not become excruciating pain but the relief it provides is minimal.In good news she did check me and things do work down there.... ha! Although this really gives no indication of when I will go into labor I am 1cm dilated and 50% effaced.

Mentally I've had my days. Last week was tough as I had it in my head I was going to go early.... well nothing happened. This week I'm more positive about things. I know the longer she is hibernating the healthier she will be at birth. Everyone says get your sleep now - I feel like its the guys saying this to me.... because if it was their wife they would know sleeping at the moment is not as easy said than done.

Also, I don't believe I'm the nesting type. First off we have a cleaning lady and since I know what she does bimonthly is better than what I could do, even if I spent 2 days straight cleaning, I see no need to scrub out my fridge at the moment. I do have a list of things that need to get done before baby arrives and feel this is about as 'nesty' as I can get. If hubby wakes up tonight and I'm scrubbing the toilet with a toothbrush then we both know its time to pack our bags.

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  1. Hello Kelli how ya doin ? any burst of energy yet..?